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Windows | How change default apps

If you are facing any problem while changing Windows default Apps (programs) then this page may be helpful for you. I have found a very easiest method to change default programs (apps) and without any other 3rd party tools or utilities.

Watch the (video-above) and/or (read following instructions):

01) Search and open the "Control Panel"

Windows 10 | Search for "Control Panel"

02) [Control Panel] open "Default Programs"

[Control Panel] Search for "Default Programs"

03) Select | "Set your default programs"

[Default Programs] from within "Control Panel"

04) [default programs] (Set as default)

[Set your default programs] (Set this program as default)

In the (above) image; we made "Google Chrome" the most default application for Windows... You can repeat the process for other application types: web-browsers; video-players; photo-viewers; PDF-viewers and much more... Enjoy!

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